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Plus Size Fashion Tips 2

The Art of Dressing for Your Body Shape... Made Simple 


Discovering Your Body Shape is the Best Way to Maximize Your Curve Appeal!


You Have a Fuller Bustline and a Less Defined Waist With More Narrow Shoulders and Legs.

Main Goal: Draw Attention Away From the Midriff / Tummy Area by Redirecting the Eye to Your Face or Legs.

* Wear Shoulder Pads to Create the Illusion of a Small Waist and Draw Attention Upward.

* Create Strong, Vertical Lines Using Long Jackets Over Short or Straight Shirts.

* V-Necks and Long Necklaces are Flattering for You.

* Avoid Wearing High Heels with Short Hemlines.

* Avoid Tight Waistlines that Emphasize a Prominent Midriff.



You Have Basically Balanced Shoulders and Hips with a Smaller, Well-Defined Waist.

Main Goal: Maintain Your Natural Balance While Accenting Your Waist.

* Define Your Waist by Wearing Dark Belts on Light Fabrics and Cropped Tops with Straight or Full Skirts.

* Drop-Waist Styles are Flattering For You as Well as Jackets Cropped Above the Waist.

* Avoid Oversided Tent Dresses or Any Styles that have Only a Minimal Amount of Shape.



You Have Roughly the Same Width at the Shoulders, Waist and Hips.

Main Goal: Create the Illusion of a Waistline.

* Reduce the Straightness and Boxiness of Your Shape by Wearing Clothes that Suggest a Waistline.

* You can Wear any Combination of Prints, Patterns and Solids as Well as a Variety of Silhouettes.

* Add Interest at the Neckline with Jewelry or Scarves.

* Avoid Oversized Tent Dresses or Any Styles that Have Only a Minimal Amount of Shape.



You Have More Narrow Shoulders and a Smaller Bustline with Wider Hips and Legs.

Main Goal: Create a Visual Balance Between Your Narrow Upper Body and Wider Lower Body.

* Use Shoulder Pads, Embellishments and Accessories to Draw Attention to the Upper Body.

* Ruffled Collars and Bold Jewelry Draw the Eye Upward.

* Hips and Thigh Areas Should be Deemphasized by Wearing Dark Solids or Smaller Prints that Flow Smoothly

and Gracefully Over the Lower Body.


You Have Slightly Wider Shoulders and a Larger Bustline with Narrow Hips and Legs.

Main Goal: Create a Visual Balance Between Your Wider Upper Body and Narrow Lower Body.

* Wear Fuller Bottoms and Prints, Bright Colors, and Flaired or Pleated Skirts.

* Wear Darker, Less Embellished Tops to Minimize the Upper Body.

* Choose Heavier, Chunky Shoes and Keep Accessories Close to the Face.

* Avoid Shoulder Pads (or Wear Only Small Ones)



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